Stained Window Brothers

Through the years, stained glass windows have stood the test of time, some better than others. If you come across a real antique stained glass window, you should consider fixing it up. With stained glass window in Calhan, CO restoration, the beautiful window can be just like new. The home in which it resides will be enhanced by its presence.

There are many reasons for stained glass window in Calhan, CO restoration. Perhaps you are remodeling an ancient, forgotten Victorian home, a true treasure. Or have you been lucky enough to purchase one of these homes for yourself? Maybe you are demolishing a home that's past saving, but want to get all the treasures out first. stained glass window in Calhan, CO. Stained glass window restoration is an important step in all these activities.

When you first come upon an older stained glass window in Calhan, CO, it's not always easy to see its beauty through the years of neglect. The first thing you must do in stained glass window in Calhan, CO restoration is clean the window properly. Cleaning these windows must be done vary carefully. It is best to use non-ammonia cleaners, newspaper or rags, toothbrushes or Q-tips, and new single-edge razor blades. It is also best to spray the cloth or paper instead of the window directly. If there is any paint on the window, use a razor blade to scrape it off. You should never use steal wool or Scotchbrite Pads when cleaning stained glass, as these items will scratch the glass.

Now that the window is clean, you should be able to tell what other methods are necessary for full stained glass window in Calhan, CO restoration. Are there cracks in the window? If so, you should call a professional stained glass window in Calhan, CO restoration company. Sometimes they can repair the window without taking it down. Other times, they will need to take it into the shop for repairs. Make sure you choose an experienced company so you know your fragile window is in good hands.